Guisborough Woods, Sunday, December 27, 2009

BS / 8.8km / 376m

Tom Reeves

This has not been great weather for running so by the time race day came I was feeling a bit stir crazy and desperate for a run. Me and the family got down to Guisborough early and drove onto the car park at the rugby club. What a nightmare the car park was a sheet of ice and there were cars careering around with a variety of fell runners young and not so young looking a tad fearful. We got parked and as I staggered and slid to the club house and registration I wondered if we’d ever get off the car park!

The walk to the start was little better being mainly sheet ice and frozen dog turds, not a good combination and certainly no place to fall. I met David Gibson who told me Phil Sanderson had been out and ran a lap of the course(he’s keen !) and pronounced it’s muddy and icy (never?). We met Jan Young at the start she had also braved the car park.

Ready for the off...

The race itself is just under 6 miles and is 3 laps of the woods the start is a gradual up hill climb on forest track then a steep narrow track up the side of an old quarry. There’s a nice run along the top with a great steep downhill back to the start. Yes it was very muddy, icy and a fair bit of snow. The race itself was pretty tough going with all the slush on the uphill sections the best racing line tending to be on the edges of the path. The downhill section turned quickly into a quagmire and there were a number of pretty spectacular falls. Roll on the next race at Captain Cooks.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Phil Sanderson NFR MV40 40:00
55 Kath Aspin New Marske Harriers FV40 1 54.23
33 Tom Reeves MV40 8 49.18
46 David Gibson MV40 13 52.16
95 Jan Young FV55 1 61.54

113 finishers.

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