Harrier League, Wrekenton, Saturday, February 13, 2010

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race.

Mudman and Mudwoman

Mudman & Mudwoman were unable to make it to Wrekenton but were very pleased to see that the teams did themselves proud.

The Women had their best result of the season finishing eighth on the day which also puts them in eighth place for the season. No less than 13 Striders women ran with Nina leading the team home again followed closely by Rebecca Pannell making her HL debut.

The Men continued their push for promotion finishing second team in Division 3 on the day and maintaining second place for the season. Phil Sanderson, running from the fast pack, led the team of 11 men home.

Nina hammers down the hill.

However, we need to maintain this momentum next Saturday (20/02) at Temple Park South Shields if Striders are going to have a season to remember and celebrate. Hope to see as many as possible of you there.

Jan adds:

Far from wrecks, we had some good runs at Wrekenton. Mudman and partner would have been proud:

  • both mens’ and womens’ teams had runners to spare
  • vocal support was provided by Lindsay, Andy G and Phil O. much appreciated
  • Phil and Will demonstrated effortless hill running from the fast pack
  • cakes were in plentiful supply
  • Valentine was celebrated by Geoff DCH, but we forgive his club choice anyway, when he brings home bakes topped with chocolate Valentine hearts
  • Becky on her debut had promising run as 2nd counter
  • and Lyndsay declared she prefered the courses with challenging inclines.

See you all at South Shields Sat 20th Feb.


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 GARBUTT, Daniel Durham City Harriers 33:32
50 SANDERSON, Phil * 40:02
117 GIBSON, David 41:59
164 HORSLEY, Will * 43:47
183 BENNETT, Michael 44:27
201 ROBERTS, Shaun 45:30
210 METSON, John 46:15
236 HEPPLE, Nigel 48:15
254 THOMPSON, Andrew 49:53
262 NESBIT, Dougie 50:32
288 ROBSON, Dave 54:10
305 BROOKS, Peter 60:23

* Fast pack

309 finishers. Men’s team 2nd, Division 3.

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 MOONEY, Jane Morpeth Harriers & AC 28:14
37 MASON, Nina 32:44
41 PANNELL, Rebecca 33:05
57 BARLOW, Stephanie 33:49
58 YOUNG, Jan 33:51
62 GODDARD, Debra 33:59
63 LAYTON, Roz 34:04
72 TOMLINS, Zoe 34:39
87 DYKES, Kirsty 36:39
90 COPLEY, Jennifer 37:20
92 BRADLEY, Jean 37:34
93 PROCTOR, Angela 37:47
94 TARN, Lindsay 38:01
101 BOS, Clare Van Den 40:26

110 finishers. Women’s Team 8th.

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