Ultimate Trail Race & Challenge, Thursday, March 18, 2010


Zoe Tomlins

I should title this report “Striders go the extra mile” – as Jen Copley and Jean Gillespie managed to do exactly this at the Cartmel 18k (making it unofficially almost a half marathon for them). You can decide what you like from the finishing times – Denise and I would like everyone to believe we actually were way ahead and just couldn’t be caught by our team mates!

Jen, Denise and Zoe.

What started off as a very miserable wet day in Cartmel actually gave way to some pleasant running weather about 20 mins into the run. All in all it was a lovely well-rounded Striders Day Out: The hills were steep, the mud was sticky and slippery, the sheep were friendly and the Kendal mint cake plentiful. Seven Striders flew the purple flag – Dougie did us proud in the “Race” with a very respectable time. Denise, Jen, Barry, Jean and Maggie and I entered the “Challenge” event (which meant we could run a little bit slower than the flying Scotsman). Despite some chilly overnight camping conditions, Jen would have led us home effortlessly if it hadn’t been for her accidentally going through the wrong gate and taking the scenic route! I battled it out for about 5 miles near the end with a bloke about three times my ages who couldn’t catch me on the hills but was as sprightly as a mountain goat on the downhills and proved to be a good motivator for me to keep my pace.

Another fun-filled mud-splattered day in the Lakes, with the added bonus of a free Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding for every runner. Not that we only do it for the cake of course!

Barrie Evans adds…

The Ultimate Trails Series is proving highly successful and very well organised (except for those taking a wrong route this year). The day included 3 runs – a 10k, followed by the Challenge and finally the Ultimate Trail Race over the same course as the Challenge. Entries for the 3 runs topped 800 but on the day probably due to the weather only 600 turned up to figure in the results. Zoe confirmed that twenty minutes or so into the Challenge the rain stopped and weather conditions for running were nigh on perfect (except on the ground). Unfortunately the damage was already Where's Dougie? done by the heavy and continuous rain from early Friday evening and in places the course was waterlogged and there were long sections of thick treacle (otherwise mud/water often of unfathomable depth which a number of times brought me to a shuddering halt and surprise that I did not lose a shoe – these unscheduled halts tended to come on downslopes with a consequent struggle on the invariable and immediate uphill still in mud and with no momentum to help) and very slippery stones making staying upright an additional skill requirement. The surface is continually varied underfoot and hardly ever on the flat, the scenery and views around the course are amazing (probably even more so if you had real time to take it in!!) and the end is only glimpsed some 50 metres before you reach it coming down a winding track through woodland which reaches to the very edge of the Cartmel race course. The ground conditions though slowing me did not detract from a thoroughly enjoyable event and I must commend the gallantry of Denise and Jean in their desire to run further than required and allow me to be first Strider home!! I must also congratulate the newer members – Zoe, Denise and Jen on their participation and superb efforts.

The setting and excellent facilities at Cartmel including changing, piping hot showers and a bar in the race course complex plus hot and cold food and drink available from marquees provided the finishing touch to an event which I would recommend to all Striders .


Ultimate Cartmel Trail Race
Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 SCOTNEY, Marcus Dumfries Running Club 1:10:26
130 Dougie Nesbit 1.51.27

176 finishers.

Ultimate Cartmel Challenge
Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
49 Barrie Evans 1.57.42
74 Zoe Tomlins 2.04.58
88 Denise Mason 2.08.48
90 Jean Gillespie 2.09.18
101 Jen Copley 2.13.30
133 Maggie Thompson 2.27.29

209 finishers.

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