Kirkbymoorside 10k, North Yorkshire, Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dave Robson

I got down to Kirkbymoorside in plenty of time for my first time in this race. I realised that I had never been into the town before which is surprising considering I have relatives living only about five miles away. In all those years visiting the area, I had never been into the town. And it was lovely 🙂

They had closed off the main street and I got there just in time to see the young children (some very young !) race up the main street, turn round and run down again. Lots of people clapping and cheering, a lovely atmosphere. There was also a brass band playing :-). It was pretty cold today and I had taken a waterproof with me to keep the wind off me. About 300 or so runners. As I was expecting a tough course I was thinking that anything under 55min would be fine.

I assumed this would be very like the Helmsley 10K that I did a few weeks ago and that is not far away. It was similar but the climb out of Kirkbymoorside was nowhere near as long as the one out of Helmsley. After about a mile it turned into undulations, although heading directly into the wind and some rain made it harder. Through a couple of lovely villages with loads of people cheering us on and finally we started to descend with the wind behind us. This was fun 🙂

I flew down into the town and finished in 49min 1sec and I measured it a bit long, so I was over the moon about that time on this course.

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