Redcar Half Marathon, Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zoe Evans

Zoe It all started out a bit hectic at the Redcar Half Marathon, thanks to a shortage of busses from the designated parking areas. Having stood in the queue since 9:30, the 10am start time came and went, and it was 10:10 before myself, Jane and Denise were near enough the front of the queue to get on a bus. Despite reassurances from marshals that the start would be delayed, we jogged towards the start line at 10:20 to find it suspiciously empty, and realised that we might have a good bit of catching up to do! Luckily the race was being chip-timed. The first mile of the race loops back on itself, which meant we got a few waves and puzzled looks from fellow Striders who were clearly wondering how we could be so far behind so early in the race. I decided that I would go on a mission to catch as much purple as possible! From then on, things just seemed to come together (in a way that they rarely do for me in half-marathons!), and I found myself running very comfortably at an 8:30 mile pace.

Fiona I started catching some Striders, and said hello to Alan, Mike, Greta, Alistair, Anna as I began to make up a bit of time. I kept thinking I was going too fast and would have to slow down, but I must have been having a Forrest Gump kind of day and just kept on running. The weather, although a bit dingy, did make the running conditions nice and cool, and I must thank Alistair’s wife Jacquie for her most enthusiastic cheering! I finally caught Dave, George and Karen near the 11mile point and was shocked to realise I was possibly on track for a sub 1:50 time, something I have never been able to achieve before. Over the last 2 miles I felt great, and determined to crack the 1:50, I sped up on the last mile once the finish was in sight. The crowd support here was great and the music was blaring, and I spotted the 3 African runners who had won the race casually strolling along the side of the road admiring their race t-shirts and goody bags, which gave me such a boost. This is what I love about running, the fact that everyone takes part in the same race, however fast or slow they are. I crossed the line in 1:49:14, knocking almost 3 mins off my pb which I haven’t been able to beat in 2 years. Karen and Jane both also got pb’s too, proving that although the course isn’t particularly scenic it is fast! The souvenirs at the end were great: More Mile t-shirt, More Mile socks, medal and bag which I think made up for the bus shortage!


Gun Pos Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time Chip Pos
1 Kiplimo Kimutai M 01:02:07 01:02:07 1
22 Jennie Blizard F 01:18:05 01:18:04 22
163 Fiona Shenton F45 01:33:55 01:33:45 176
541 Andrew Jordan M 01:50:09 01:47:37 528
585 Peter Brooks M40 01:52:09 01:49:55 593
627 Zoe Evans F 01:53:41 01:49:14 570
665 Karen Chalkley F45 01:54:53 01:52:39 654
685 Dave Robson M50 01:55:31 01:53:26 678
712 George Nicholson M60 01:56:34 01:54:21 699
724 Alister Robson M 01:56:56 01:54:24 703
739 Jane Ives F35 01:57:25 01:52:58 665
822 Mike Elliott M60 02:00:30 01:58:17 824
892 Anna Pethybridge F 02:05:22 02:03:51 902
1022 Greta Jones F35 02:13:03 02:10:50 1024
1144 Denise Mason F 02:22:00 02:17:33 1126
1227 Alan Purvis M60 02:37:34 02:36:07 1230

1283 finishers.

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