Christmas Handicap, Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pam Kirkup

In spite of pretty cold conditions some 23 runners turned out for the handicap – some very skimpily dressed to meet the horror/ supernatural theme! Nick Young appeared again as Santa and entrtained the bemused motorists passing by. Richard Hall was first finisher in 40.27 and Jan Young was first female finisher in 44.35. There were also a few who dropped out!

Festive ghoulishness.

Prizes were awarded as follows:
Richard & Jan for first finishers
Mike Bennett – fastest male time
Nina Mason – fastest female time
Rhys & Rhianne Goddard – children participants
Liz Lamb – best female fancy dress
Kevin – best male fancy dress both judged by Santa and his elves!!

Spot prizes went to:
Shaun – who had already run the Sunderland parkrun, had reccied the course and was only 3 seconds behind Mike.
Roz – for her Santa’s elf costume and being a very close second to Nina.
Alister – who got Santa mixed up with Satan!
And finally George Nicholson who frightened the traffic as King Kong.

London Marathon numbers went to Alister Robson, Maggie Thompson and Christine Farnsworth – reserve is Dave Walker.


Pos Name Pos Time
1 Mike Bennett 35.48
2 Shaun Roberts 35.51
3 Conrad White 36.58
4 Andrew Thompson 38.50
5 Nina Mason 1 39.00
6 Roz Layton 39.46
7 Richard Hall 40.27
8 Alister Robson 40.44
9 Ian Spencer 42.19
10 Callum Young 42.55
11 Kathryn Seagrove 42.58
12 Kevin( friend of DS) 43.10
13 David Shipman 43.13
14 Jan Young 44.35
15 Alan Smith 44.18
16 Dave Robson 52.09
17 Liz Lamb 52.09
18 Lynn Bargewell 54.17
19 Emma Detcheon 54.45

19 finishers.

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