Cathedral Relays, Saturday, January 22, 2011


Jan Young

Keri going round the bend.

Twenty four North East clubs competed on a fast, flat course, with good running conditions like the Brass Monkey, but soooo much shorter at 3000m and no travel time!

OK, we couldn’t compete with Stacey Smith of Gateshead, running 9.43, but we all had a good workout, especially Keri who ran two legs in her team.

Unfortunately, Fiona missed out on fastest FV50 award, which went to Ingrid Hope of S’land in an impressive time of 11.50!

Elvet 'A':   Keri 11.57    Angela 14.37    Keri  11.55    16/32 teams
Elvet 'B':   Nina 12.42    Jan    13.42    Fiona 12.44    19/32 teams
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