Trimpell 20M, Morecambe, Lancashire, Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shaun Roberts

Trimpell! The very name strikes fear into the hearts of … no, no that won’t do … it sounds like a knitting style. How about …

Twenty miles! A funny distance, and one I’ve never done before. [This is better] A sort of ‘marathon-lite’ … but much more than a half-marathon, so I’d be well advised to take it easy wouldn’t I? Unfortunately the race starts on a running track, so I went off at a steady, err, six-minute miling. Common sense took over once we got onto the (pancake-flat) cycle tracks that nearly all this race is run over, and I started to revert back to my ‘plan’. This involved trying to keep to a steady pace over the whole thing, slightly faster than my marathon pace of about 7m30, and so getting through each 4-mile chunk in a tad under the half-hour, at which point I’d get a gel down my neck.

Getting close to the finish ... And that’s pretty much what happened – quite a nice route, a five-mile westerly loop first, before heading up the River Lune. Over a nice Millenium Bridge in Lancaster, and with some very nice running further out in the country overlooking weirs and small rapids, with canoeists playing on them. The weather was very balmy – bright sunshine, but cool air. The finish was again on the track, so somehow you felt you were slacking if you weren’t going at interval pace, so I overtook a couple of runners here. My wonky knee was getting very heavy by now, though, so I was more than pleased to get to the finish, and also with the time of 2h24m or so.

Race highlight? A yellow race notice by the cycle track saying “Look Right Now – Upside-Down Trees”. And yes, buried upside-down were ten tall tree-trunks, rootballs at the top – quite surreal. No other Striders at this one, but some club members will know Graham Bradshaw of the Tri club, who had a good run, finishing some eight minutes up on me.


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Gethin BUTLER Preston Harriers MV40 1:52:13
107 Shaun ROBERTS MV50 8 2:24:50

388 finishers.

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