Cape Wrath Challenge Beach Run, Durness, Sutherland, Thursday, May 19, 2011

3 miles

Shaun Roberts

Limahl Roberts.

Hair courtesy and property of Tom Reeves

Thursday’s ‘Target Zero’ beach run where we had to predict our times and run without a watch, was the last before the marathon and the easiest of the week. It’s a fancy dress run, and the distance was reduced from a modest four miles to a noddy three, as gale force winds all week are playing havoc with the planned events. As I write, the marathon route to Cape Wrath, including two ferry crossings, is in doubt – the tiny ferry boat (holds 8!) can only cope in winds of 25 mph, and it’s gusting at twice that at the moment.

Thanks to Tom for his top-notch 80s throwback ‘Limahl’ wig! No prize on this occasion … stiff competition from various superheroes, firemen, Thornbury Ladies, and transvestites of all shapes and sizes. Also from a sizeable and colourful group from Norwich … their Quiz Night name (‘Norfolk Enchants’) caused much hilarity every time it was announced. Say it aloud …

The run itself, helpfully in bright sunshine but still strong winds, was lovely … basically up and down the gorgeous beach of Balnakeil. Everyone took it really easy, and I was absolutely nowhere near guessing my finish time.

Now the marathon …

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