Liverbird Marathon, Liverpool, Monday, May 30, 2011

Dave Robson

This event consisted of two marathon over two days on the same course. I could only do Day 1 which I wasn’t too disappointed about as I got to know the course pretty well from just doing Day 1. The course consisted of a run down the River Mersey Promenade until you got to the end and then back to the start/finish area and repeat that four times. It was very flat. It was a fairly warm afternoon/evening (I have never started a marathon this late before, I think I prefer morning starts) and we had the breeze behind us on the way out and in our faces on the way back. It was good to have the river right next to us, it provided something interesting to look at.

I discovered on lap 1 that 6m+ was a bit too long to go without a drink (the only water station being at the start/finish) so I carried a drink for the last three laps. It was good to see the other runners all the time (it was a very small field, 23 starters and 22 finishers). The field included the runner who has run the most marathons in the UK (800+ which can be thought of as one a week for about 16 years…) and several regular marathon runners. I tired on the final lap, but I did manage to keep going a bit better than I have done recently and came in with a time of 4hr 33min. Time for a break and a bit of recovery now

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