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Prudhoe, Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mudman and Mudwoman

Grand Prix Race. Mud King/Mud Queen Race.

Our leader! Suitably decorated ...

Yet another grand day out was had by all who made it to the Prudhoe HL on Saturday. Sunshine, exotic cake & champagne where there to be enjoyed on the final day of what has been a very successful and enjoyable x/c season for Striders.

Once again there was an excellent Striders’ turn out with twelve women and 18 men running the bone dry, but hilly, Prudhoe course in very hot conditions. Both teams did well on the day with the men finishing in a very good 4th position in Division 2 while the women consolidated their position by finishing 6th in the highly competitive Senior Women’s Division 1. There were some notable individual performances with Jerry Lloyd finishing in 13th place and qualifying for medium pack status in his first season of HL and Carolyn Bray, in only her second HL, finishing as third Striders’ ‘counter’. There was just one debutant – Carly Trower – who finished well up the field and seemed to thoroughly enjoy her day as did her 6(?) month old baby, there to cheer Mum on!!

Magnificent cake from Jules! Who says: 'Jerry did the decorating! and did a very good job of hiding the mysterious non-rising cake. Did any one else know that purple food colouring goes green when it's cooked?! You do now. Good job it was Striders colours....  ;o)' There were some other notable Striders supporters on the course. Yusuf’s parents were there, visiting from Turkey. I’m not sure what they made of it all (e.g. the ‘war paint’!) but they looked like they were enjoying themselves! Injured runners Phil Sanderson and Eric Whittaker (Deb’s Dad) were also there cheering us all on although I don’t know how Eric reacted when he saw Debs walking up the hill! Angela was there too, saving herself for bigger things on Sunday, and her support would rival that of any ‘All American’ cheerleader!

So another season comes to an end. The final table shows Striders men’s team finishing in 4th place in Division 2 – our best season for some time and it augers well for a promotion push in 12-13! The women finished 7th in the Senior Women’s First Division which is a very creditable performance in a league that gets tougher and tougher every season. We haven’t done a detailed count but we estimate that around 60 Striders ran at least one race during 11-12, with many making their debuts. I hope this proves to be the first of many seasons of enjoyable cross country running for you all. Thanks to all who ran, supported, baked cakes, gave lifts, helped with the tent and flag – here’s to next season – we can’t wait!!

I think we were up for this one!


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 GARBUTT, Daniel Durham City Harriers 31:28
13 LLOYD, Jerry 36:49
25 HORSLEY, Will 37:33 *M
77 GARLAND, James 38:53
124 CLAYDON, Matt 40:07
137 BENNETT, Michael 40:25
140 GIBSON, David 40:33
147 DAVIS, Geoff 40:45
169 REEVES, Thomas 41:40
202 ROBERTS, Shaun 43:38
213 LINDSEY, Steven 44:11
216 WHITE, Conrad 44:16
251 VAN DER BREMER, Marco 46:03
252 HEPPELL, Nigel 46:05
256 HOCKIN, Richard 46:16
258 ROBSON, Alister 46:20
293 KURUNER, Yusuf 50:15
294 OWEN, Phil 50:23

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap.
*F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

308 finishers. Men’s team 4th of 11, Division 2, finishing 4th overall.

Striders Women also up for this one ... with added testosterone ...

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 SMITH, Rosie Durham City Harriers 25:01 *M
21 MASON, Nina 29:24
49 SHENTON, Fiona 30:45 *M
54 BRAY, Carolyn 31:00
58 PERCIVAL, Juliet 31:30
59 DAVIS, Susan 31:36
62 BARLOW, Stephanie 31:49
74 TROWER, Carly 33:00
78 TARN, Lindsay 33:29
83 YOUNG, Jan 33:49
84 GODDARD, Debra 33:51
91 DICK, Barbara 34:29
99 ROBSON, Jacqui 36:13

*M Medium pack – 2m handicap.

109 finishers. Women’s Team 6th of 8, Division 1, finishing 7th overall.

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