Thirsk 10, Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peter Bell

Ten miles was not a distance I had ever raced at so this was going to be something a little different for me. So when Sue Jennings kindly offered me her place, in true Yorkshire style, I jumped at the chance of a freebie. My partner in crime, Kathryn Sygrove was going to accompany and we blagged a last minute lift with Louise Miller and Victoria Tindale.

It was clear from the drive down the day was going to be a scorcher and it was not long before we were catching a few rays. At quarter to 11 we were ushered to the start by officials straight from the Adolf Stalin School of marshalling who continually informed us of our lateness. Well these ladies do continually go to the toilet!

Then it was line up time on a little lane at the back of the race course. I had in my mind 1 hour 15 would mean 7 and a half min miles. Could I do it? Then we were off and I was trying hard to keep solidly at the right pace. The first 3 miles were pancake flat and Kathryn was right there on my shoulder. I had to keep checking on her as she wasn’t talking so I thought she may have been taken ill!

At three miles the first rise and I lost her as my pace continued Sub 8 minute miles. As we passed park run distance I suddenly felt myself slowing. Could I only do 3.1 miles fast? I just had to keep going and head down made it to the Busby Stoop pub. At this point all I could think of was the lovely homemade caramel slices they sell at the garage across the road. Concentration was waning and I hit the ‘brick wall’ with my time slipping to over 8 min miles. This was becoming a grind now and the sun was belting down.

I knew that we were on our way back to Thirsk but there had to be some sort of detour as it was only a couple of miles back to the town centre. It was not long before my curiosity of the exact route was satisfied by a pointless 2 mile dogleg out and back down some country lane. Cannot say many people enjoyed that, but then do we run for enjoyment or just some sort of twisted sadomasochistic adrenalin buzz. Back on the main road it was time to start picking the pace up and I concentrated hard in picking off as many people as possible. There was no way I was going to let anyone past without a fight and this tactic paid dividends as my pace increased. With a mile to go the racecourse was in sight and I was doing some serious adding up in my head to work out what I was due to arrive in at. I was praying the finish line was just inside the gate and thank god it was. I passed the finish line in 1 hour 14.57. The pace had been punishing but not crippling and I was quietly satisfied.

I sneaked around to the finish line the cheer everyone in and Kathryn arrived a few minutes later at 1 hour 18 with Louise and Victoria arriving around 1:32. Everyone was very happy with their times.

Another classic T-shirt meets the light of day. A good day was had by all. Now thoughts were turning to making the most of the rest of the day. Beer and BBQ, good plan!


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Yared Hagos Wallsend Harriers M 1 0:49:40
36 Claire Simpson Jarrow and Hebburn F35 1 1:01:08
235 Peter Bell M 1:14:57
300 Kathryn Sygrove F45 1:18:42
414 John Greathead M 1:27:53
436 Barrie John Evans M65 1:29:45
459 Victoria Tindale F 1:32:33
460 Louise Miller F 1:32:37
516 Christine Farnsworth F 1:44:34

533 finishers.

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