Kentmere Trail Challenge, Staveley, Cumbria, Saturday, May 26, 2012


Dave Robson

Keeping cool ...Melanie and I went over to the Lakes for the day to do this one. It was clearly going to be a very hot day, so we were taking lots of fluids onboard. We met up with Ellie Rodger, a Strider we hadn’t met before, who was doing her first trail race.

There were the usual group of runners from who do these races and one of them, Kev who will be known by a few Striders, did the 10K before doing the 17K, a brave man in that heat.

The course was the usual one apart from a small modification to the final climb which took us to the summit for the first time. With the weather being so dry and warm there were no mud pools to go through. The hills seemed tougher in the heat but the views were just great.

Ellie came home in a great time of 1hr 51min and enjoyed the run. Melanie came in next with 2hr 4min and I came in with
2hr 10min.

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