Blaydon Race

Saturday, June 9, 2012

5.9 miles

Carolyn Bray and Rachael Bullock

Grand Prix Race. Sprint Champion Race.

Carolyn Bray…

Aw went to Blaydon Races, ’twas on the ninth of Joon,
Loads o Striders on a bus on a summer’s efternoon (pha!);
Aw tyuk the ‘bus frae County Hall, an’ she wis heavy laden,
Away we went alang the A1, on the way to Blaydon (well, Newcastle).

  Ah me lads, ye shud only seen us gannin’,
We pass’d the foaks upon the road just as they wor stannin’;
Thor wes lots o’ wet lads an’ lasses there, all wi’ smiling faces,
Gawn alang the Scotswood Road, to see the Blaydon Races.

Patient queuers / barrier jumpers, we chose our race start places,
Lookin’ smart in our purple an’ green, all wi’smiling faces
Waiting for the bell to ring, waiting for the bellman,
Have we started, have we not, we can’t really tell, man!

Finally, the claxon blew an’ the boony race begun,
Thor was bands and crowds alang tha’ road, hoo they danced an’ sung.
But gannin’ down tha’ Scotswood Road, somethin’ else had started;
Tha skies errupted – it chucked it doon, just after we’d departed!

The rivers ran alang th’ road, tha runners all wa drippin’,
Water station, what’s the point, tha’s rainwater for sippin’!
Pick tha way roond, or plough straight through, aw it was a muddle,
but after a mile, wet all the while, the whole route was a puddle.

Noo when we gat to Blaydon thor wes plenty crowds a’cheerin;
“200 metres!” they called to us, as the finish was a nearin’
An’ thar it wor, tha Blaydon finish, ‘n’ loads a soggy runners,
Time to try the tripe ‘n’ black puddin’, whor just fa’ darin’ punters!

We all did well, ‘n’ enjoyed oorsels, but some of us woor flyin’
Alister, Steve an’ Fiona’s sub-forty , noo that’s wha I call tryin!
Wi’ owa thirty Striders there, we did the club real proud,
An’ we’da looked much bonnier – if it wasn’t for tha’ cloud

Squidgy trainers, soggy pants we made tha bus quite steamy,
Passers by would see a sight with Jacquie’s bottom beaming!
But still it poured an’ home we went, still wi’ smiley faces,
That wa’ the day the Elvet Striders went to Blaydon Races!

…and Rachael Bullock

This was my second time doing the Blaydon Race — I last did it with my friend in 2009, (then I was running as a Pocklington Runner). I remembered it as one of the best races I have run in; it is not exactly a beautiful course but I think it is a relatively fast route and with all the other runners there is a good race atmosphere, which always helps to spur you on. So, I headed into the race with a positive mindset, feeling psyched! We arrived on the bus about an hour before the start and the sky was looking pretty ominous. So as we loaded our bags onto the baggage bus I was pretty gutted that I hadn’t thought to bring a bin liner for pre-race protection from the elements as most other Strider’s had done. I felt like such an amateur, or maybe I just looked hardcore?!! Anyway it turned out not to be such an issue as the weather was not too bad (by recent standards) as we waited for the start.

So lesson number one: bring a bin bag. Lesson number two: use the toilet in Ladbrokes — this was a godsend as we could probably have spent a good 45 mins in the queue for the portaloos! The third thing I learnt was to jump the barriers at the start rather than queuing nicely! I’m sure this is very bad etiquette (but I did it with Alister’s permission, which obviously makes it acceptable!!!) and of course if everyone had adopted this strategy it would have been absolute carnage. But because the race is not chip-timed, if you are feeling competitive and after a good time, it has to be done — I believe it took other Strider’s up to a minute after the start of the race before they crossed the line.

So anyway…on to the race itself…All I seem to remember is the rain! Maybe about a mile in it started to absolutely chuck it down and the streets were transformed into rivers and everyone got very, very wet. And then after that I could not see too much of what was going on around me because my glasses were covered with raindrops! So I did not see many other Strider’s along the way; I decided to get my bum into gear when I found myself alongside Carolyn who told me on the startline that she was just going to have a ‘nice easy run’ as she was coming back from injury. Some words of encouragement from Brian Ford were appreciated approximately half way round (he passed me half way round Raby the other week too — I will have to make it my challenge to beat him next time!) as was a shout from Jacquie as we went round the loop by the river.

But with the rain still pouring I think most people just wanted to get to the finish and many of us did so in fine time, everyone seemed to be pretty chuffed with their performances, wet smiles all around 🙂 I was definitely very pleased with my time, 6 minutes faster than 3 years ago, evidence that I am improving all the time since joining Striders back in October. I stayed well away from the tripe and black pudding at the end but I’m loving the t-shirt! It’s a fun race to do and I would recommend that everyone do it at least once!


Pos Name Club Cat Pos Time
1 Peter Lemuya Kenya M18 27:35
29 Lauren Howart Leigh Harriers F 30:26
291 Stewart McConnell M 36:48
382 Simon Gardner MV40 38:02
483 Alister Robson MV40 39:18
508 Graeme Walton M 39:36
527 Steve Lindsay MV50 39:46
543 Paul Pascoe MV40 39:53
546 Fiona Shenton FV50 2! 39:55
880 Kevin Williams M 42:58
994 Yusuf Kuruner M 43:45
1033 Kathryn Sygrove FV45 44:03
1232 Brian Ford MV40 45:27
1242 Rachael Bullock F 45:33
1280 Camilla L-Maatta FV45 45:47
1291 Melanie Hudson F 45:52
1356 Carolyn Bray F 46:16
1358 John Hutchinson MV55 46:17
1440 Chris Hedley MV50 46:46
1530 Danny Lim M 47:22
1631 Claire Readey F 48:02
1638 Alan Smith MV65 7! 48:03
1677 Jacquie Robson F 48:15
1685 Anna Seeley F 48:20
1803 Greta Jones FV45 49:08
1973 Jo Richardson F 50:12
1976 Peter Brooks MV40 50:14
2034 Victoria Tindale F 50:40
2049 Jim Nicholson MV65 50:44
2075 Karen Chalkley FV50 50:53
2333 Kath Preston FV40 52:36
2361 Jean Gillespie FV55 52:51
2365 Kate Macpherson FV40 54:52
2425 Jill Ford FV45 53:23
2459 Ann Towers FV55 53:33
2593 Robert Clark M 54:34
2623 Mike Elliott MV65 54:47
3053 Angela Coates FV40 58:25
3063 Lindsay Brooks FV40 58:29
3397 Phil Owen MV45 1:04:00

3589 finishers.

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