Marske Victorian 10K, Cleveland, Sunday, July 21, 2013

Katy Walton

I decided to swap my long Sunday run for this 10k roads race as I had taken on a number of 10k multi-terrain races and decided a flat road 10k would hopefully show that my training was working and give me a time below 48 minutes.

Graeme, Heidi and I turned up at The Mermaid at 9.15 in time to smell the delicious breakfast cooking, not ideal pre race food so opted for a can of red bull. I registered for the race and received a large running t-shirt (they never had small) Graeme was pleased!

Following a short warm up and a chat with Louise Rodgers (super fast unattached runner) we went to the start line which was at the back of the pub on a residential street, lovely wake up call for the residents.

My race plan was to pace myself from the beginning (what no sprinting a 6.30 minute mile I hear a few fellow striders cry!) my pace was to be a steady 7.20 from start to finish. On the off I found it hard to hold back but felt stronger for doing so, I think psychologically it prepared me mentally knowing I would have enough without being tired For the whole race.

The beginning part of the race was around the streets, felt like a kid again playing tig, we then headed onto the coast path that was where the rest of the race took place. Sea to the right, road to the left with a few spectators along the way.

My first three miles were 7.10’s where I found I was over taking people which felt great and added to my mind set ‘I feel strong’ There was a little bit of fight with a man around the 4k mark who didn’t want me to pass him but I could tell in his breathing he was struggling, so I kept the pressure on and in the end he gave up and off I went again.

The forth mile was into the wind which slowed me a bit, but knowing my previous miles had be quicker than my plan I decided to give myself a little slack as i would be heading back to the loop where the wind would once again work in my favour. As I was running up to the turning point to do my second loop Indelbu Fikre ran past me at such a speed, the end is near I tell myself to keep positive.

Mile 5 was back to my 7.10 pace and then I had to really push myself into the wind for the final mile up the coast road. I was amazed that only one man ran past me up the finale stretch, all the other people I had passed never came by me which is something I’d always experience in all the races I have done in the past and it does get you down and make you tire even more.

I got through the finish at 45.32 (14secs outside my vdot time but beating my previous 10k pb at Blythe 47.46 I was extremely happy. I think I was more pleased with my pacing, how strong it made me feel, lesson learned!

Good race and a definite one to do again.

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