Harrier League

Wallington Hall, Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mudman and Mudwoman

After a seven year absence Mandy Dawson (known in the Mud household as ‘The Warrior’) made a triumphant return to the HL today by powering round the tough course to be first Strider home in the Senior Women’s race – well done Mandy!! Parking problems meant race starts were slightly delayed but the new challenging course made the wait worthwhile. The Striderettes numbered 18 today and the evergreen Fiona Shenton came in not far behind Mandy to finish second counter with Rachel T clawing her way through from the medium pack to be third home.

Many thanks once again to our long-suffering supporters!

Joanne Porter also made a welcome return today with a brave performance. Katy W had a fine run on her Medium pack debut and Rachael Bullock, fresh from her cold bath on Weds, had her best run of the season so far. But well done to all the women – that was a challenging course and you all performed brilliantly! We were slightly down on our Jarrow finishing position but still avoided the relegation zone – just!

Gleaming purple in the dusk ...

After a chilly wait the men finally got going and Rob Everson was the man to lead the 19 strong team home – for the first time I think – so well done Rob! Will ‘done good’ today passing a big chunk of the field from the medium pack and finishing second Strider. Youth (Tom S) and experience (James G, Mudman & Gibbo) made up the other counters with the rest of the Striders’ team spread liberally throughout the field.

Yes, we did have to wait around for quite a while ... but that was a helluva sunset.

As in the women’s race there were some brave performances among the Strider ranks – none more so than debutant Alex Cole. Well done Alex! I can’t say it ever gets any easier but I can guarantee that, with a bit of hard work, you can expect to finish in a quicker time. A solid team performance but we slipped back to 8th place on the day.

The HL takes a bit of a break now with the next fixture at Wrekenton not until 8th Feb. However, in the meantime we’ve got the NE x/c Champs on 14th Dec & the Northerns on 25th Jan – more on those v.soon!


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Cameron Boyek Shildon AC 34:45
92 Rob Everson 43:20
107 Will Horsley 43:39 *M
134 Tom Spurling 44:12
145 James Garland 44:23
163 Geoff Davis 44:44
202 David Gibson 45:24
204 Graeme Walton 45:30
238 Dave Halligan 46:20
250 Tom Reeves 46:43 *M
272 Mike Bennett 47:14
285 Shaun Roberts 47:52
290 Michael Tait 48:00
299 Jon Steed 48:27
342 Alister Robson 50:27
350 Matthew Crow 50:32
432 Brian Ford 55:15
446 Mark Dunseith 56:29
451 Mark Preston 57:10
458 John Hutchinson 58:07
463 Innes Hodgson 60:03
472 Alex Cole 65:05

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap.
*F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

476 finishers. Men’s team finished 7th of 11 in Division 2.

Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 Alyson Dixon Sunderland Strollers 30:10 *F
47 Mandy Dawson 33:31
53 Fiona Shenton 33:39
66 Rachel Terry 33:59 *M
75 Katy Walton 34:13 *M
85 Rachael Bullock 34:27
96 Susan Davis 34:49
103 Fiona Jones 35:00
113 Roz Layton 35:18
116 Lydia Bertrand-Hutchinson 35:28
120 Sarah Davies 35:44
134 Claire Readey 36:54
150 Jan Young 37:31
169 Kirsty Anderson 38:22
171 Jacquie Robson 38:30
202 Katherine Preston 40:48
213 Barbara Dick 41:42
221 Victoria Downes 42:35
231 Joanne Porter 43:30
232 Joanne Richardson 43:31
253 Anita Dunseith 53:49

*M Medium pack – 2m handicap.

253 finishers. Women’s team finished 8th of 10 in Division 1.

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