Les Allcorn Race, Alnwick, Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Miles and Miles and Miles

Heidi Walton

Heidi, hi!I was standing at the start line, waiting to set off. My brother and sister (Jack and Sarah) were running with me. Jack set off really quick so me and Sarah couldn’t catch him. Me and Sarah stuck together for a little bit of the course, but then Sarah over took me. I over took Sarah a few times until she went miles ahead of me.

The course was very hilly and gravelly, it was very hard because there were lots of uphills. Most of the course was in the woods and a little bit of it was in between the cows and sheep.

At the end, first Jack came in, then Sarah and then me. Near to the finish I did my best sprint but I was near to the back. When I finished I saw Jack and Sarah sitting near Mum and Dad. The race was very tiring but still it was fun. When they did the prizes I won a trophy (2nd under 9 female), it was small and my sister won a trophy as well (2nd under 16 female). Sarah and I were really happy that we got trophies and Mum and Dad were proud too.

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