Pier to Pier Race, South Shields to Roker, Saturday, May 10, 2014

Grand Prix Race - click flag for current league tables. Sprint Champion Race - click flag for more information. 6.9 miles

After a week consisting of a half marathon, and a 10k, plus couple of training runs, there was no better way to finish it off than the 7 mile Pier to Pier run!
Against my better judgement I signed up for this, knowing full well I had another two races, but thought ‘why not!?’ All good training … This was my first time doing the Pier to Pier race but I had walked the route before, albeit with blazing sunshine and an ice-cream stop (or two!) But was looking forward to a nice run down the coast and to be representing the Striders.

Damned good turnout, as ever.

Sunday morning saw us all converge in a car park in South Shields, collecting timing tags, attempting to attach timing tags, Striders were out in force with over 30 of us representing the club. I’d heard stories about the first mile being a struggle, all on the beach, but if you managed to avoid others footprints, it wasn’t actually too bad. Where we converged before running up onto the grass it was tough going though. My legs were feeling it after the previous two races and I wondered if this was a race too much in the week!

Then came the decision – left or right!? I could see Barrie ahead of me, he opted for right along the grass, so I decided he had probably done a few Pier to Piers in his time and would be a sensible person to follow!

Was still struggling at this point, and it seemed to be getting incredibly warm too. But kept my head down and plodded on, before I knew it the Souter Lighthouse, and (I think) the half-way point was just ahead of me. Quick stop for some water then back on it!

Not a good day to lounge on the beach ...

At this point I didn’t actually know where the finish was, had nightmare visions of going up the long, slow hill at Roker that had been my nemesis the previous week, but fortunately I could see we were all heading down the esplanade. Finally, we rounded the corner and the beach and finish line were in sight. Pushing on, and to cheers from other Striders (best bit of the race – thanks!!) I even managed a cheeky ‘sprint’ finish. Not my best time, but was pleased to have finished, and after a busy week.

Great goody bag, although I think I’m always a bit disappointed not to get a medal to add to my sparse collection! Gel/Water bottle/Socks/Buff/junk food – ideal!

Well organised race by the Sunderland Strollers, and great to be out representing the Striders.

Definitely another one I’ll be signing up to in the future!


Pos Name Club Cat Catpos Time
1 Andy Burn Jarrow M 1 37:52.9
4 Rosie Smith Durham City Harriers F 1 41:09.3
20 Rob Everson M 15 42:48.9
95 Graeme Walton M40 33 48:48.7
96 Conrad White M50 11 48:52.3
127 Mark Payne M 61 49:55.4
159 Katy Walton F 6 51:06.7
271 Lesley Charman F35 10 55:13.1
277 Lucy Cowton F 19 55:22.3
281 Fiona Jones F35 13 55:26.0
282 Melanie Hudson F35 14 55:26.8
283 John Hutchinson M50 45 55:34.9
318 Jackie McKenna F45 16 56:45.1
359 Greta Jones F45 22 58:12.7
361 Andrew Thompson M 120 58:23.2
369 Jane Ives F35 24 58:29.1
371 Dave Robson M50 65 58:29.8
384 Megan Bell F35 27 58:52.0
414 Jean Bradley F45 33 1:00:03.8
422 Stephanie Piper F 33 1:00:34.9
425 Paul Beal M50 76 1:00:37.8
431 Debs Goddard F35 34 1:00:45.0
458 Susan Wilson F45 40 1:01:49.1
460 Anita Clementson F45 42? 1:01:58.0
509 Claire Hunt F45 50 1:03:57.3
512 Alan Smith M50 95 1:04:17.5
516 Katherine Preston F 43 1:04:25.6
531 Kirsty Anderson F35 53 1:05:04.8
532 Denise Mason F 48 1:05:05.3
548 Karen Chalkley F45 60 1:05:35.0
549 Jackie Avery F45 61 1:05:37.5
555 Dawn Dunn F45 63 1:06:00.7
620 Barrie Evans M50 116 1:09:29.1
634 Rebecca Maddison F35 73 1:10:52.9
642 Jane Baillie F35 75 1:11:22.1
650 Helen Hall F45 89 1:11:54.7
667 Karin Younger F45 91 1:12:41.8
680 Kelly Collier F 66 1:13:22.1
688 Margaret Thompson F45 99 1:14:11.9

726 finishers

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