Blackhill Bounders Relay, Consett, Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2.1m x3

Dave Shipman

Steelworks Relay, can’t be as good as Snods Edge can it?
Great night for a run though, so give it a go.
Golden skies and fantastic panoramas.
Can Consett have a beautiful side?

Striders meet, greet and decide
Whats the route, which team, number, leg, teammates and handover process?
Which direction, how many laps, how many hills, where’s the start?

Striders excuse and cajole, pre-race justifications abound
Too many races, long miles, Spanish holidays, injuries, targets ahead
Days filled with French champagne or too much work
All interrupted by Race Coordinator instructions.

Striders race, compete, encourage, support and cheer all
Rocky, dusty trail across the plain
Meander through the long grass
Descend through the woods
Lung-busting, sweat-breaking, gulping and groaning two-stage hill, some walk, none stop, completely.
Back across the plain, leg-trembling lactic staggering disguised as final sprints.

Striders win, celebrate, bask in glory, smiles all round and team photos
The purple army returns to HQ to reap rewards.

Striders eat, drink and quiz
Grazing through curry, ham, crisps, pizza, cakes, buffet of all varieties
Great night, great run.
But which band sang “Californication”?

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