George Ogle Memorial, Swalwell Cricket Club, Wednesday, May 28, 2014

approx. 6 miles

Alister Robson

I can’t believe this was the 4th running of this increasingly popular race – doesn’t time fly? It was a bit of a shame the weather was so bad with a pretty relentless downpour but this is still a great race and course conditions were surprisingly good.

It’s not really a PB race as it’s not really a standard distance but I felt good and ran as hard as I could, first along the Derwent way path up to the nine arches viaduct, the cheeky hill, riverside fields before finally coming back along the long, slightly downhill straight.

I broke my previous best on this course (2012) after a less good year last year by a whole second thanks to the kindly urging of Colin Hodgson of Blackhill Bounders, although sadly my former rival mark Doctor of Alnwick Harriers once again got away from me in the latter stages and has now bested me every race this year 🙂

Striders also in attendance were Richard Hall (younger), who came in just behind me, followed by Becky and then Bill.

The prize was a nice tech tee and Bill and I hung around for a drink to watch the presentations.

Many thanks to Karen & Will and all from PB Fitness Running Club, who continue to provide a worthy legacy for Karen’s dad, George.

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