Hogmanay Hooey, Bolam Lake Country Park, Northumberland, Sunday, December 27, 2015

Short Green

Tom Reeves

Tom's Sonic SunglassesAfter my previous disaster at the Durham night orienteering I can’t say I was overly enthusiastic about this but I was doing my duty and accompanying Joan who has now got the orienteering bug.

Learning from the previous event I did bring my new orienteering glasses so at least in theory I could see/read the map. We duly arrived at Bolam Lake in Northumberland around 15 minutes before the start time and watched fellow orienteers limbering up in the car park. Many of them wearing proper club vests!! and one gentleman in what appeared to be knickerbockers. Joan and I plumped for the same course. I was hoping we’d do different courses so I could save face and not get battered by her superior map reading.

I set off from the start first …well actually I set off once Joan had shown me where the start was on the map 🙂 The course we chose was short green which was one down from the longest. We had 17 checkpoints to find and the course length point to point was only 3.2 km. Checkpoint one was fairly easy although in my haste I did overshoot it checkpoint two had me baffled and feeling like groundhog day!! I wandered round in the woods only to see Joan who had started 2 minutes after me leaving for checkpoint 3. Well at least I knew where 2 was at long last. After my very shaky start I finally got my head in shape and started ticking off checkpoints up to checkpoint 10 which was described as a boulder on the map. After a good old wander in the woods occasionally seeing Joan who was having as much luck as me I decided to go back to checkpoint 9 and take a bearing. It was at this stage that the glasses came into their own as I noticed drainage ditches on the map and spied the very same things off to my right…bingo there was checkpoint 10 beside a small rock not a boulder.

I shouted Joan over coz I’m nice like that and set off for checkpoint 11 which was up a steepish hill. The last few checkpoints came thick and fast and before I knew it I was at the finish getting my readout. I held my breath …phew not disqualified, I’d got all the checkpoints, I was happy with that. Joan came in shortly after me and to my surprise I had beaten her by 43 seconds. Result.

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