John Hampson (1942-2011)

Paul Smith writes…

John was indeed a character making him a most likeable running friend even though he wasn’t a County Hall employee he loved to regularly meet up with us runners at Aykley Heads awaiting for one of us to sign him in. He enjoyed taking part in many handicaps and indeed was a regular competitor at Northeast Harrier League XC and was a very fit fella indeed I’d be interested to know his pbs I’m sure he has told me many times before as he menacingly swooshed THAT flannel around in the showers! John was also a regular sight down at Maiden Castle trackside coaching the kids with Durham City Harriers!

Since his illness the changing rooms have not quite been the same, it has certainly missed his banter including, his holiday adventures, his race horse tips/bets (most of them are still running) his injuries (strangely always his glutes or his groin) of course his splits and everything you needed to know about lactic acid, his ancient tracksuits/tee shirts that were indeed older than some of us younger and of course that bloomin’ flannel!

No doubt The Hamp will be up there now explaining lactic acid up above at those pearly gates and will be arranging the Heaven 10k gripping onto his faithful stopwatch!

John Hutchinson adds…

Sad news about John Hampson. Some of the ‘older’ members will remember when he used to work at the Graham Sports Centre.

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