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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Jon Ayres

Evening All, A quiet week really only a club relay, 7 different events and 50 or so runners out and about this week.

So where to start? The Red Kite trail race perhaps where Alison Heslop got her shoes dirty alongside Catherine Smith who pb’d on the course by 10 mins,Dave Brown was out there too making a recovery from a couple of recent setbacks.

Hamsterley saw John Hutch’ complete another full marathon whilst Mike Parker was eaten alive by the resident mozzies whilst taking part in the 11.4 mile race (not a race distance I’ve come across there before but such is the way of the Modern World)

At Kirkley Hall 10 K Catherine Smith and Gareth Pritchard were donning purple,the latter leading the field home in a cracking time just a smidge over 35 mins.Gareth carried on winning ways at Durham parkrun too breaking 17 mins there.

The Great North 10k saw Michael Littlewood lead the purple gang home ,not bad for an injured runner, going easily under 40 mins,Anna Basu PB’d the race ,others running were Elaine Bison,Matt Archer,Louise Morton,Debbie Jones,Robin Linton,Beth Cullen,Dianne Whatcott,Stuart Barker,Chris Shearsmith and Phillip Todd.However surely the greatest competition on the day was between Jonathan and Lesley Hamill who finished within a second of each other and both PB’d,that’s entertainment!

The Chevy Challenge a 20 miler saw age wins for Chris Farnsworth( who has had a hell of a recent schedule race wise) and Maggie Thompson.

Tonight a few folk went along to run along the Tyne in the bridge of Tyne 5 mile road race, results not yet in but photos show Ladys captain Fiona running there competing too were Neil and Elaine Jennings,Lesley Charman(returning from injury) Katy Walton -running well despite one-Vics Thompson and Teresa Archer.

Saturday and Sunday saw a herd of folk out completing the relay from Accrington to Durham ,this was due in no small part to the graft of Peter Bell and Kelly Collier, congratulations to all who ran .It started in a strange town then had a shot at going underground using the canal tunnels,Peter and Dougie there.Climbed some serious ascents ,Steph Piper leading a run over Pen Y Ghent,apparently Sunday saw Kelly ,Helen Allen and Lucy Herkes continue the attack on the climbs too before it was finished in the City of Durham.Many thanks to all who ran and supported this,suggestions for next year anyone?

Tomorrow is Club Run this will be a running version of circuit training with a prompt 7 o’clock Start!It may well be helpful to join Fiona on the track at 6-45 to warm up.

Finally (and well done for getting this far) It’s sports day on Sunday and whilst it’s very much family focused there’s entertainment and Pizza for all.Be good to see you there if you don’t fancy the three legged race then perhaps the crown of Striders bake off challenge champion is worth a tilt at.

Thanks for your time.


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