Weekly Roundup, Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Team Smitchard

Greetings from poolside,

Been another good week for striders with a variety of winter challenges taken on.

Thank you to all who contributed to the overwhelming success of Saturday’s NE X/C Champs at Aykley Heads. You did us proud! 

Quiet on the parkrun front due to XC, but keep those age grade results coming in please.

David Case, Tim Skelton plus a number of other purplies ran the Rosebery Topping HM which was a distance PB for Tim of 15.1miles in 3:02hrs. Well done everyone who ran any of the distances, looked like a standard Hardmoors day, bonus miles, very muddy in parts with amazing views all the way. 

Wednesday night run options are:-

•8 min mile pace: Paul Evans

•9 min mile pace: Elaine Bisson

•10 min mile pace: Jonathan Hamill

•11 min mile pace: Laura Gibson 

•Hill session: Fiona Kinghorn Jones

•Headtorch run over to wicker man approx 10 min mile pace: Anita Clementson

•suitable for all – 30 easy out 28 back’ Tim Matthews

•Track: see Allan’s email

•5K group (no one left behind, suitable for all): Sue Jennings

Strider Christmas handicap to look forward to on Sunday as the festive season begins. 

Catherine and Gareth 

(Team Smitchard)

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