Summer Handicap – July, Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Finishing position NameFinish TimeActual Running Time
1D4John Greathead48.0145.31
2D2Jonathan Clark48.5346.23
3D3Alison Smith52.0949.39
4G9Peter Hart53.143.1
5G8Chris Shearsmith53.1643.16
6F4Andrew Thurston53.1745.47
7G4Sarah Fawcett53.2543.25
8H8Helen Parker53.2540.55
9G7David Walker53.3443.34
10H1Mark Foster53.5441.24
11E3Vicky Brown54.0849.08
12F1Jan Young54.2246.52
13H5Andrew Munro54.4542.15
14L1Mark Griffiths54.4632.16
15H4Jane Ranns54.5642.26
16F2Catherine Walker54.5747.27
17E1Stephen Lumsdon54.5949.59
18E2Lee Stephenson55.1150.11
19J1Mike Barlow55.2737.57
20G10Ashley Price-Sabate55.2845.28
21J2Philip Connor55.3738.07
22D1Sharon Campbell55.453.1
23H9Ian Spencer55.5143.21
24M2Chris Callan55.5430.54
25I4Craig Walker56.1641.16
26F3Nicola Dorricott56.3649.06
27F5Sue Walker56.3649.06
28I3Pavlos Farangitakis56.3841.38
29L2Emma Thompson56.4334.13
30I6Roz Layton57.1442.14
31G3Debra Thompson57.2447.24
32M3Michael Anderson57.2432.24
33K2Richard Hockin57.3137.31
34G2Lynne Waugh57.3747.37
35M4Jack Lee5833
36L3Dan Mitchell58.2235.52
37C1Sophie Dennis59.1559.15
38G5Emma Cumpson59.2149.21
39H3Alan Smith60.1147.41
40I8Clare Wood60.3845.38
41M1Sally Hughes60.5935.59
42G1Anita Wright61.5651.56
43I1Angela Greathead63.3248.32
-Sue Gardham1 lap-
-Stef Barlow1 lap-
-Helen Linton1 lap-


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