How to become a blood stem cell donor

Shaun racing in the Willow Miner - Feb 2017Shaun was the Elvet Striders web officer for many years and has contributed countless reports and articles. Many of you will have heard the news about Shaun. After a routine blood test he has been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and within two days admitted to the Northern Centre for Cancer Care in Newcastle for an intensive 4 week session of chemotherapy.

Shaun and Ros are very positive and seeing Shaun you wouldn’t realise he is ill. His amazing fitness, positivity and good humour are all helping him. Shaun’s doctors are checking the stem cell register for a match so he can have a transplant.

This post is to help publicise and encourage as many fit young people to join the stem cell register.

Registering is very easy, you just need to be under 55 and you can sign up below:

and you’ll be sent a DIY cheek swab kit. If you aren’t a match for Shaun, you could be a match for someone else.

Shaun has also somewhat depleted the national blood bank supplies – they’ve been giving him red blood cells and platelets – so don’t forget to give blood!

Please share the link around all your contacts. Thanks.

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