A Quarter of a Marathon

Today, I should have been running my 3rd marathon and on the anniversary of the 1st. With the onset of Covid-19, ‘Lockdown’ and the postponement of Manchester and other spring marathons until the autumn, I must admit, I put my training to one side. I may have done a little happy dance when the email from organisers came through on the Friday before I was supposed to do my last long run. 

Although I knew I wouldn’t be running a marathon today, I had already decided that if we were allowed, I would be running something today. On Thursday, to tire out my boys, we went for a family 5k. My 10-year-old then added another 2.5k to his. He has previously run 10k with me in November at the Saturn Remembrance Run, and he said he wanted to do so again.

So, this morning in the glorious sunshine, we laced up our trainers and headed out along the lines towards Willington to run a ¼ of a marathon.  I know it isn’t much of a difference between 10k and 10.25k but it made it a little bit more special. It wasn’t fast, and it wasn’t the most enjoyable run I have ever done, but we did it together (and Henry knocked 4 minutes off his 10k PB). As Covid-19 makes us all reassess what is important, finding little moments of happiness are important.  It may not have been a marathon, but it was a ¼ of one. Manchester will happen, but for now, stay safe everyone.

My Quarter Marathon route.
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