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Motatapu Miners Trail 2023

Arrowtown, Otago, New Zealand, Saturday, March 4, 2023

15.7km / 927m

Malcolm Sygrove

This might not be my holiday of a lifetime, but it was my holiday of a lifetime so far. I’d never been nearly so far away, or for so long. So what do runners do when they are planning a holiday itinerary? They scan the internet for races to enter, of course. This one particularly … Continue reading Motatapu Miners Trail 2023

Montane Cheviot Goat Winter Ultra 2022

Ingram, Northumberland, Saturday, December 3, 2022

58 miles, 10,000 feet ascent

Tricia Everett

© North of Tyne Mountain Rescue The Montane Cheviot Goat is a winter ultra run advertised as 55 miles but the 2022 version was 58 miles with about 10,000 foot of ascent. In short, this is a tough race, it is long, remote, subject to winter weather and the last 15 miles are hilly bogs … Continue reading Montane Cheviot Goat Winter Ultra 2022

Grand Prix 2022-23 – Marathon and Half-marathon Summary

These are the currently known best marathon and half-marathon times for the 2022-23 Grand Prix. Striders who think that their time is incorrect or missing, or who have done a better time in another marathon should get in touch with their result. Also, if you are not running the GNR, you can submit a better … Continue reading Grand Prix 2022-23 – Marathon and Half-marathon Summary

TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2022

Amsterdam, Sunday, October 16, 2022

David Oxlade

The day I almost got run over by an ambulance 200 metres from the finish line… For whatever reason I decided that I wanted to do my fourth marathon abroad. While Sarah Fawcett’s tale of knee-high floods didn’t sell the Venice marathon, a beaming account from Sophie Dennis piqued my interest in the Amsterdam Marathon. … Continue reading TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2022