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Aykley Heads Cross Country 2017 – A view from marshal point 18

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tamsin Imber

Sarah, Emil and I stood at our marshal point the top of the hill, just before the entrance into the woods. We were as ready as we could be! Two layers of everything, high vis, Sarah’s flask of tea, and food. All would be needed for this four-hour stint. Alas, I had not been able … Continue reading Aykley Heads Cross Country 2017 – A view from marshal point 18

Harrier League Aykley Heads 2015

Aykley Heads, Saturday, November 21, 2015


A New Beginning? Striders’ home x/c fixture at Aykley Heads saw an excellent turn out of purple clad runners – 68 in total, with no less than 16 making their debuts, and what a performance they put in! Cheered on by an army of high-viz clad Strider marshals the men’s team finished in a magnificent … Continue reading Harrier League Aykley Heads 2015

Harrier League

Aykley Heads, Saturday, November 22, 2014

Harrier League X-Country Returns To Durham! Anita Dunseith … As the majority of people who know me will be aware I unashamedly and vociferously love XC and Saturday’s ‘home’ fixture at Aykley Heads was the best XC race I’ve ever been lucky enough to compete in. I acknowledge I’m utterly biased but I thought the … Continue reading Harrier League