Harrier League, Alnwick, Saturday, March 2, 2013

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Mudman and Mudwoman

Tom running his way into the medium pack.
Photo courtesy and © SportyPix

Both the men’s and women’s teams put in their best performance of the season at a sunny Alnwick last Saturday. The men finished 4th in their 2nd Division and the Women finished 6th in their 1st Division. There were some noteworthy individual performances as well with Tom Reeves finishing in 26th position thereby qualifying for the medium pack for the first time in his long career (about time too I hear the editor cry!) Our other Tom (Spurling) had a great Harrier League debut and there were impressive performances throughout the team on a ‘mixed terrain’ but very pleasant course. The men have consolidated their mid table placing. Adam had a fine run from the fast pack of the under 17s race in preparation for his personal promotion to the Senior race next season.

The women’s team fought really hard in their relegation struggle finishing ahead of both their main ‘survival rivals’. Rachel Terry flew round the course from the medium pack to finish 3rd Strider behind Fiona and Megan, as with the men, there were some fine performances elsewhere particularly by Carolyn (best HL so far?) and Louise (no repeat of last year’s ‘nightmare’!) But the relegation struggle continues and will ‘go down to the wire’ at the final Prudhoe fixture. We need a once in a 100 years purple storm surge to sweep us to safety! Come on – we know you can do it!


Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 GHEBRESILASIE, Weynay Sunderland Harriers *F 38:24
26 REEVES, Tom 42:01
44 HORSLEY, Will *M 42:50
82 SPURLING, Tom 43:34
108 GARLAND, James 44:22
120 MCCONNELL, Stewart 44:35
132 LLOYD, Jerry *M 44:50
206 CLAYDON, Matt 47:13
220 DAVIS, Geoff 47:36
248 GOURLEY, Aaron 49:19
252 BENNETT, Michael 49:27
255 GARDNER, Simon 49:36
283 TERRY, Michael 50:45
298 ROBERTS, Shaun 51:34
300 ROBSON, Alistair 51:49
302 HUGHES, Michael 51:52
321 HOCKIN, Richard 53:06
339 FORD, Brian 55:18
357 OWEN, Phil 59:21

*M Medium pack – 2m30s handicap.
*F Fast pack – 5m handicap.

369 finishers.

Fiona legging it down the hill.Photo courtesy and
© SportyPix
Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 PRICE, Chloe Durham N/C 28:06
22 SHENTON, Fiona 32:43
49 BELL, Megan 33:46
51 TERRY, Rachel *M 33:49
56 PERCIVAL, Juliet 33:58
57 BRAY, Carolyn 34:00
79 DAVIS, Susan 35:12
102 WALTON, Katy 36:25
109 DICK, Barbara 37:03
120 YOUNG, Jan 37:42
150 BARROW, Louise 40:23
156 TINDALE, Victoria 41:55
163 BUTLER, Katy 46:03

*M Medium pack – 2m handicap.

165 finishers.

Under 17 Men
Pos Name Club Cat Time
1 MALLEN, Joseph Alnwick Harriers 26:41
12 Adam WALKER 29:24

30 finishers.

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