Elaine Bisson Stars in Montane Dragon’s Back Race

Elaine tackles the Crib Goch ridge

Elaine Bisson achieves second place in “The World’s Toughest Mountain Race”

The Montane Dragon’s Back Race is definitely not a race to take lightly. This six-day stage race takes competitors across the rugged spine of Wales from the north coast at Conwy to the capital, Cardiff. The total distance is 236 miles, with 17,400m (57,000 ft) of ascent. In short six brutal ultra-marathons on consecutive days.

The race took place between the 6th and 11th of September, 2021. Conditions varied between warm sunshine and persistent rain with virtually no visibility. Elaine completed the course in a total time of 66:53:28, 2nd of 7 female finishers out of 37 starters.

Elaine had many of us on tenterhooks, “dot-watching” on the tracker site as she completed each day’s challenge, and eagerly awaiting the daily video report. It was truly awe-inspiring.

Elaine sums up the experience: “It has been the most wonderful and challenging adventure. I’ve shared the trails with so many extraordinary characters, their positivity and strength inspirational. Friendships forged out on the fells are among my strongest. I have made memories that I will treasure forever.”

Many congratulations, Elaine, on an outstanding result.

Editor’s note: You don’t have to take my word for this. Elaine is also a great run report writer. Her personal account of the race can be read here.

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