Alton Towers 10k 2021

Alton Towers, Saturday, November 13, 2021


Penny Browell

This was a new event for 2021 and a brilliant idea from Run Through. Alton Towers has just closed for the winter so they took over the park for the weekend with 10k and 5k races on Saturday morning and a half marathon and 5k on the Sunday. Included in the race price (which was around £35 from memory) was the race, T shirt, medal and goody bag and entry to the park and rides for the day.

Obviously the organisation involved in this was not easy and with over 2000 in each race it wasn’t a small event. The organisers did really well with some things but hopefully will improve on a couple before next year – then it really would be the perfect day out!


  • They needed a proper PA system. The poor marshals were trying to shout at people where to go for the start and nobody could hear them. As a result the start was pretty messy with people quite confused about where they were meant to be.
  • There was an attempt at an organised warm up – again we couldn’t hear what was going on but it was a nice idea.
  • The middle section of the 10k was around the car parks which was a shame given that the park is not only fun but also very pretty (and easily big enough to take the whole race).


  • The first and last part of the course were so much fun – running past your favourite rides and with some entertainers singing, dressed up or banging tambourines to keep your spirits up.
  • The rides – literally no queues! As an Alton Towers regular knows this is just mad. Normally you’re queuing at least 30 minutes for each of the big rides and often for over an hour.
  • I have never seen so many portaloos in one place. Nobody had to queue all day!

Great medal, lovely atmosphere, a sense of achievement followed by tons of fun!

As a race it was pretty good – all on tarmac but with a few ups and downs – and had a lovely gentle downhill for a sprint finish in front of the towers. It attracted a wide range of people with some super-speedies at the front and a lot of people running with friends or kids further back or on the 5k. I’m not really a road runner and if I’m honest I was there more for the rides but the competitor in me wanted to do well and I was pretty happy with my time and very happy to top my category. Tom also had a good run – despite the fact he barely runs these days he was only just over a minute behind me and 6th in his category!

I really recommend this for Alton Towers lovers. The race entry was cheaper than a normal entry to the park and we got to do all the rides within a couple of hours because there were NO QUEUES! I think you can tell I enjoyed it!


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2049 runners finished the race.

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