Pier To Pier Race 2022

South Shields to Sunderland, Sunday, May 15, 2022

6.9 Miles

Nigel Heppell

I inadvertently came across this lot whilst out for a walk this morning!

As I was standing a good mile from the finish I’ve not a lot to add other than that it felt like it would be a hot day for running; early runners were clearly working hard but there was a lot of chatter amongst the ranks to the rear; and the guy in the pale blue T-shirt seen in the centre of most photos variously sitting on the bench or standing, is called Gordon!

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1 thought on “Pier To Pier Race 2022

  1. Just because we were chattering doesn’t mean we weren’t working hard Nigel. Indeed I would say we were putting double effort in compared to those speedy runners who were only focussed on moving their feet 😆

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