Night of PBs 2022

Maiden Castle, Wednesday, August 31, 2022

5000m track

Hands up if you got a PB?

Wendy Littlewood writes…

Sam Jackson was the fastest runner on the night with a time of 15:57. A massive 5k PB for him and a time that’s earned him a podium in the club records. 3rd fastest 5k race time ran by a Strider!

Emma Thompson was fastest lady with a storming time of 19:39!

Equally important though, of the participants that submitted their times before the night, I reckon 70% beat their expectations.

Biggest top 3 margins between submitted times and result was Jan Ellis whose time was over 2 minutes faster than she expected and Paul Wilkinson and Marika Kostusiak who both took very nearly 2 minutes off their PBs!

These astounding achievements were made through sheer grit and determination and fantastic teamwork.

Timing, assembly, results, photography, pacing, cheering, raffle ticket selling – thank you all! You made the night happen!!

As a club, we raised £104 for If U Care Share foundation. Thank you Anna Linfoot for your generosity that sparked the raffle.

Full Results

Race 1
Jo Robertson22:37
Nik Corton22:42
Malcolm Sygrove23:02
Kim Bennett23:15
Paul Wilkinson23:17
Peter Bell24:54
Heather Raistrick24:56
Theresa Rugman-Jones25:11
Wendy Littlewood25:16
Anna Mason25:21
Phil Swinburn25:21
Jan Ellis25:54
Mark Foster26:16
Steve Ellis26:19
Cal Ibbitson (pacing)27:54
Nicola Down27:55
Marika Kostusiak28:11
Heike Hamilton30:58
Race 2
Nick Humphrey19:38
Alex Heath20:20
Mick Davis20:23
David Oxlade20:24
Dave Nicholson20:31
Anna Basu20:32
Terry Robertson20:39
Nina Bojadzic20:51
Nick Latham20:54
Conrad White20:56
Andrew Davies21:05
Ian Butler21:11
Sarah Cook21:23
Emma McCabe21:25
Tamsin Imber21:29
David Browbank22:25
Louise Collins22:26
Fiona Kinghorn Jones22:40
Race 3
Sam Jackson15:57
James McNaney16:19
Andrew Race16:41
Georgie Hebdon16:43
Peter Grimoldby (G’head H)16:49
Michael Littlewood17:22
Graeme Watt17:32
Jonny Maddison17:52
Lindsay McEwan18:06
Lewis Littlewood (DCH)18:18
Alex Collier19:08
Stephen Soulsby19:08
Allan Renwick19:20
Simon Gardner19:21
James Carter19:31
Emma Thompson19:39
Michael Dale20:11

Photo Gallery

Thanks to Peter Bell for these shots of race 2.

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