Handicap Results – May 2023

These are the results of the Elvet Striders Handicap Race, which took place on 24th May 2023 over our 2 lap, 4.8 mile course around Houghall Woods.

Congratulations to Tim and Sarah on your victories, and well done to all who took on the course. Thanks to all who helped out on the night, and to Jude and Kallum for the photos.

NameStart GroupHandicapRace TimeRun TimeNotes
Tim Skelton409:0047:3238:32Men’s Winner
Tom Hamilton718:0047:4029:40
Mark Payne409:0047:4638:46
Rory Whaling615:0048:0033:00
Sarah Fawcett203:0048:0545:05Women’s Winner
Alan Scott306:0048:2842:28
Nick Latham512:0048:3036:30
Stephen Soulsby615:0048:3833:38
Sally Hughes512:0048:4836:48
Lisa Ridley100:0048:5948:59
David Simm512:0049:0737:07
Stephen Lonsdale512:0049:0837:08
Laura Campbell100:0049:1149:11
Nic Down100:0049:1749:17
Michael Dale615:0049:2534:25
Louise Collins409:0049:2640:26
Malcolm Sygrove409:0049:2840:28
Emma Thompson615:0049:2934:29Fastest Woman
John Bean512:0049:4237:42
Neil Sanders409:0049:4640:46
Cath Scott203:0049:5046:50
Bryan Potts1122:0049:5627:56Fastest Man
Kim Bennett409:0049:5940:59
Stuart Scott718:0050:0332:03
Michael Littlewood920:3050:0429:34
Aileen Scott100:0050:0750:07
Marc Watson409:0050:1441:14
Steve Ellis306:0050:1944:19
Debs Thompson203:0050:2047:20
Anna Mason409:0050:2241:22
Anita Clementson203:0050:2547:25
Tim Matthews306:0050:3544:35
Phil Swinburn409:0050:4341:43
Rob Porter512:0050:5538:55
Georgie Hebdon1122:0050:5728:57
Lindsey McEwan820:0050:5730:57
Nik Corton512:0051:1639:16
Graham Perry409:0051:1742:17
Lynne Waugh100:0051:2351:23
Dan Mitchell512:0051:3039:30
Chris Shearsmith203:0051:3648:36
Ashley Price Sabate203:0051:4348:43
Sophie Dennis203:0051:4848:48
Jan Ellis306:0051:5045:50
James McLeod1122:0051:5629:56
Graeme Watt1021:0052:0031:00
Mark Warner820:0052:4732:47
Chris Hassell615:0053:1738:17
Emma Cumpson100:0053:1953:19
Andrew Davies615:0054:3839:38
Peter Bell203:0054:4851:48

Matthew Carr (19:41) and Michael Ross (23:36) each ran one lap.

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