Three Peaks of Durham 2023 Results

Here are the results of the Durham Three Peaks Race, held on 14th June 2023. A great night in the sunshine, and a big well done to all who took part, and many thanks to those who helped put it together. Congratulations to our winners James McNaney and Jan Ellis. I don’t know what expression James is making, but we’ll never wipe that smile off Jan’s face.

1James McNaney21:501st Man
2Graeme Watt22:012nd Man
3Michael Littlewood22:193rd Man
4Alex Collier23:07
5Stuart Scott23:541st Man – Great High Wood
6Lindsay McEwan24:071st Man – Pelaw Wood
7John Bisson25:48
8Mark Warner26:261st Man – Whinney Hill
9Barrie Kirtley26:33
10Dave James26:37
11Michael Dale27:58
12Tim Butler28:32
13Jack Lee28:40
14Neil Sanders29:16
15Andrew Davies32:18
16Mark Payne34:17
17Geoff Watson34:23
18Steve Ellis35:06
19Alan Scott35:10
20Jan Ellis35:201st Woman
21Mandy Dawson36:052nd Woman, 1st Woman – Whinney Hill
22Nigel Heppell36:07
23Roz Layton36:443rd Woman, 1st Woman – Great High Wood
24Mick Davis39:09
25Stef Barlow39:21
26Shaun Roberts39:43
27Oei-chi Basden39:46
28Tim Skelton41:46
29Peter Bell43:52
30Sam Redgate44:07
31Anna Mason44:13
32Faye Clark44:16
33Tracey Scott44:24
34Louise Collins44:241st Woman – Pelaw Wood
35Aileen Scott46:05
36Sophie Dennis46:14
37Jane Dowsett46:36
38Alan Smith57:18

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