Downhill Mile Races 2023

Bent House Lane, Wednesday, September 13, 2023

1 Mile, 150ft descent

A fun evening saw 21 runners (19 Striders and two members of Durham City Harriers, one of whom was just passing and was persuaded to join in) take on the downhill course past Old Durham Gardens in two races.

Well done to James on his fantastic 4:20 time, and Sarah who was clearly very proud (justifiably!) of her 6:55.

To put these figures in to context, the current world marathon best times were run at these incredible paces:

  • Men (Eliud Kipchoge): 4:37.2 mins / mile
  • Women (Brigid Kosgei): 5:06.8 mins / mile

We can but dream.

Thank you to Wendy, Michael, Jan, Emma, Stephen, Faye, Lisa and Phil, who helped to organise, marshal, time and record the results.

Full Results

PosNameTimeGen PosNotes
1James McNaney4:201Fastest Male
2Bryan Potts4:392
3Mark Warner4:493
4Freddie Howard4:534
5Graeme Watt4:545
6Lewis Littlewood (DCH)5:006
7Stuart Scott5:257
8Tim Butler5:338
9Charles Harries5:349
10Chris Hassell5:5010
11Malcolm Sygrove6:1611
12Paul Wilkinson6:4812
13Sarah Fawcett6:551Fastest Female
14Peter Bell7:0513
15Tony Geldard (DCH)7:0714
16Karen Maddison7:252
17Jan Ellis7:353
18Lynne Waugh8:024
19Sophie Dennis8:085
20Alan Smith9:1515
21Mike Elliott11:0916

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