Track Time Trial, Nov 2023

Chester-le-Street track, Wednesday, November 8, 2023


An eight-lap, 3200m “Race of Truth” time trial took place on the track at Chester-le-Street on November 8th 2023. Well done to all who put themselves through this challenging ordeal. Here are the results:

James McNaney10:25
Sam Jackson10:29
Bryan Potts10:32
Graeme Watt11:21
Michael Littlewood11:26
Lindsay McEwan11:36
Stephen Soulsby11:38
Michael Dale12:42
Nina Bojadzic12:54
Anna Ting13:07
Chris Hassell13:18
Andrew Davies13:20
Charles Harries13:30
Anna Basu13:39
Corrine Whaling13:45
Louise Collins14:07
Sateesh Tandel14:21
Mark Payne14:35
Anna Mason15:39

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