Track Time Trial, March 2024

These are the results of the 8 lap, 3200m, time trial which took place on the Maiden Castle track on 27th March 2024.

Georgie Hebdon110:33
Mark Kearney110:34
Bryan Potts110:38
Chris Bowles111:07
Lewis Littlewood111:07
Lindsay McEwan111:11
Kurt Dale111:17
Graeme Watt111:36
Andrew Westgarth111:42
Katie Iliffe111:44
Stephen Soulsby111:49
Lee Johnson112:09
Simon Gardner112:14
Michael Dale112:31
Jamie Purdy112:36
Wayne Churchill112:51
Dave Nicholson112:57
Steven Lonsdale112:58
Nehemie Strupler113:11
Andrew Davies113:13
Sally Hughes213:19
Nathan Mould213:22
Tala Eagling-Vose113:28
Chris Taylor213:34
Ian White213:39
Matthew Carr113:42
Mark Payne213:43
Oei-chi Basden213:51
Sateesh Tandel214:01
Fiona Kinghorn Jones214:04
Anna Mason214:59
Katy Walton215:10
Tracey Scott215:27
Paul Hutchinson215:48
Kay Robb216:23
Jacqui Jenkin216:47
Jane Baillie217:13
Elaine Noakes218:14

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