Allan Seheult Memorial Graded Mile 2023

Maiden Castle, Wednesday, July 12, 2023

1 Mile

Carole Seheult presents the Winner's trophy to Stephen Soulsby

Our annual night of mile races once again produced great excitement and fantastic performances all round. These races are run in memory of our late member and coach, Allan Seheult, who always organised these races and devised the age-graded results system. It was wonderful to see Allan’s wife Carole and their daughters Emma and Maria taking part this year. Carole said that this event was Allan’s favourite day of the year, and it’s not hard to see why, with runners between the ages of 16 and 83, from Elvet Striders, our friends at Durham Triathlon Club and several other guests. Thank you to all who took part and to those who organised the event and helped out on the night.

The overall winner of the event was Stephen Soulsby, who continued the electrifying form he has been displaying recently, with a time of 05:18. Heather Raistrick stormed to a massive PB of 06:49 and finishing first lady. Emma McCabe ran a superb 05:54 to record the fastest female time on the night. Congratulations to you all. And then, there was this…

A Long-standing Record Broken

Many moons ago (does anyone remember exactly when it was?) former Elvet Striders chairman Dave Shipman set the club’s mile record at a blistering 04:36. It was finally broken at this event by Liam Huntington, who flew round the track to set the new mark at 04:34, with Dave watching his performance from the finish line. Many congratulations to him on his fine achievement.

Dave Shipman congratulates Liam Huntington on his new mile record

The video below (thanks Alex Collier) shows Liam crossing the line in great style, pursued by all the runners in the final heat of the evening.



PosNameGenderAgeHeatTimeAge Standard TimeAge-graded %Notes
1Stephen SoulsbyM60D0:05:2104:49.190.056Overall Winner
2Lindsay McEwanM50D0:05:0004:19.686.530Second Male
3David MilliganM51D0:05:0904:19.684.010Third Male
4Heather RaistrickF61B0:06:4905:39.883.090First Female
5Michael MasonM48D0:05:0204:10.382.881
6Roz LaytonF71A0:08:0806:38.381.619Second Female
7Liam HuntingtonM28D0:04:3403:43.181.434Fastest Male
8Chris HassellM61C0:05:5504:49.181.431
9Michael LittlewoodM48D0:05:0804:10.381.266
10Susan DavisF63B0:07:0605:39.879.775Third Female
11Anna BasuF49C0:06:0404:48.479.236
12Bryan PottsM39D0:04:5303:51.478.969
13Geoff DavisM66C0:06:2004:56.478.000
14Iain GibsonM40D0:05:0603:57.977.748
15Georgie HebdonM34D0:04:4703:43.177.746
16Tom HamiltonM35D0:04:5803:51.477.644
17Tim ButlerM57C0:05:5604:35.077.258
18Ian ButlerM60C0:06:1504:49.177.088
19Allan RenwickM54D0:05:4204:19.675.904
20Sam JacksonM32D0:04:5403:43.175.895
21Tom HorsfieldM18D0:04:5603:43.175.382
22Emma McCabeF42C0:05:5404:23.874.514Fastest Female
23David SimmM58B0:06:2204:35.072.000
24Nina BojadzicF40C0:06:0804:23.871.679
25Andrew DixonM46C0:05:5204:10.371.108
26Mick DavisM54C0:06:0804:19.670.541
27Ellen Ann FinnighanF71A0:09:2506:38.370.496
28Lewis LittlewoodM16D0:05:1703:43.170.388
29Karen ByngF54Virtual0:07:040:04:5870.243
30Kim BennettF52B0:07:0504:57.870.078
31Nick LathamM50C0:06:1104:19.669.970
32Tracey ScottF58B0:07:2405:08.569.475
33Michael DaleM44C0:05:4403:57.969.160
34Dougie NisbetM60B0:06:5804:49.169.158
35James ChilcottM38D0:05:3603:51.468.863
36Malcolm SygroveM57B0:06:4004:35.068.760
37Jayne DickensF53B0:07:1504:57.868.467
38Dave NicholsonM41C0:05:4903:57.968.169
39Craig WalkerM64B0:07:0904:49.167.385
40Louise CollinsF39C0:06:2204:17.367.364
41Theresa Rugman-JonesF55Virtual0:07:400:05:0867.059
42Sim HorsfieldM57B0:06:5104:35.066.920
43Andrew DaviesM47C0:06:1804:10.366.217
44Stef BarlowF50B0:07:3104:57.866.038
45Dan MitchellM46B0:06:2404:10.365.182
46Anna MasonF49B0:07:2304:48.465.106
47David OxladeM35C0:06:1203:51.462.199
48Cal IbbitsonF35B0:07:1104:17.359.705
49Caroline SchollF68A0:10:1205:54.657.940
50Andrew ThurstonM65A0:08:3904:56.457.110
51Charles HarriesM33B0:06:3703:43.156.204
52Peter BellM50A0:07:4904:19.655.350
53Phil SwinburnM46A0:07:3404:10.355.132
54Steph GreenwellF27A0:07:4304:12.354.499
55Maria SeheultF52A0:09:1204:57.853.955
56Joe ApplegarthM83A0:11:2705:56.951.955
57Katy WaltonM42B0:07:4003:57.951.720
58Sophie DennisF37A0:08:2604:17.350.856
59Carole SeheultF80A0:15:2407:34.749.214
60Gareth CollinsM49A0:08:4404:10.347.767
61Clare BaylissF51A0:10:4404:57.846.247
62Emma SeheultF53A0:12:0104:57.841.308

Picture Gallery

Many thanks to Peter Bell for these fantastic photos.

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