Track Time Trial, June 2024

These are the results of the 8 lap, 3200m, time trial which took place on the Maiden Castle track on 12th June 2024.

Bryan Potts10:39
David Milligan10:56
Graeme Watt11:01
Lindsay McEwan11:02
Alex Watson11:11
Andrew Westgarth11:15
Lee Johnson11:30
Stephen Soulsby11:34
Allan Renwick12:24
Nick Humphrey12:25
Michael Dale12:34
Michael Skoyles12:36
Tim Butler12:46
Steven Lonsdale12:47
Anna Basu12:54
Dave Nicholson12:57
Tala Eagling-Vose13:03
Nina Bojadzic13:05
Andrew Davies13:08
Chris Taylor13:14
Corrine Whaling13:19
Phil Connor13:56
Louise Collins14:07
Anna Mason14:58
Louise Hamblin15:05
Amanda Patterson15:57
Kay Robb16:28
Neil Elsender17:41

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