Three Peaks of Durham 2024

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Here are the results of the Durham Three Peaks Race, held on 19th June 2024. The sun shone once again on this brilliant event. Congratulations to our first finishers Michael and Tamsin, and all of our other chocolate winners, and many thanks to our volunteer marshals, timers, recorders and organisers.

1Michael Mason21:591st Man, 1st Man – Great High Wood
2Lindsay McEwan22:212nd Man, 1st Man – Pelaw Wood
3Bryan Potts23:173rd Man
4Graeme Watt23:54
5Lewis Littlewood24:56
6James Garland26:02
7Geoff Daivs26:03
8Michael Dale26:10
9David Holcroft26:12
10John Bisson26:37
11Tamsin Imber26:541st Woman, 1st Woman – Great High Wood
12Charles Harries27:21
13Elaine Bisson27:302nd Woman, 1st Woman – Pelaw Wood
14Geoff Watson27:41
15Tim Butler29:07
16Tom Reeves31:15
17Wayne Churchill31:31
18Ian White31:31
19Chris Taylor31:34
20Mark Warner31:40
21Susan Davis31:533rd Woman
22Nehemie Strupler31:49
23Stef Barlow32:36
24Roz Layton36:43
25Tim Matthews39:02
26Shaun Roberts40:56
27Mandy Dawson34:071st Woman – Whinney Hill
28Mike Bennett43:08
29Nigel Heppell43:091st Man – Whinney Hill
30Wendy Littlewood43:54
31David James47:52
32Alan Scott47:53
33Debra Thompson47:59
34Kirsten Scott48:08
35Sarah Fawcett48:09
36Elaine Noakes50:31
37Joanne Scattergood50:31
38Paul Hutchinson52:35
39Amanda Patterson52:36
40Alan Smth54:37
41Louise Collins54:38
Gave upAlex CollierWon a bar of chocolate anyway

Thanks to Alan Forrest and Wendy Littlewood for photos.

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